Tuesday, January 8, 2013

December Empties

I'm back with another empties post. A recurring theme is I seem to be disappointed with the number of products I have used up. While that is definitely important, I think it's easy to get a little obsessed with making sure everything is empty and it becomes a chore. You think, "oh, I'm really getting tired of this face wash and I want to use something else but I only have a quarter left, I better finish it". I doubt I'll change my whole mindset though. The idea of finishing products and not having half used products littering my bathroom is very appealing but I do like some variety. Please tell me that I'm not the only person with this thought process! Anyway, onward!
Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Seasilk Volume Shampoo and Conditioner - These are the smaller 1.7oz sizes. I found these is my bathroom cabinet and while they aren't for my hair type, I brought them to to pool with me for showering purposes after my water Zumba class this fall. They were ok but I wouldn't purchase the full size. I do really like the packaging of these samples though (you twist the cap to release and close the product).
ion Repair Solutions Effective Care Treatment hair mask - I bought a few of these the last time I was at Sally Beauty Supply. At the time, they were on sale for $1; they are regularly $2.29 a piece with the discount card. I found this mask very effective but I wasn't the biggest fan of the scent. It's a very fake creamsicle scent though thankfully, it didn't stick around after showering. The one major selling point for me for this treatment is there are no silicones and I found it did a great job of moisturizing my hair.
Benefit Total Moisture Hydra-Concentrated Face Cream sample - I complained on twitter that this made my skin smell like flowers. The cream is highly fragranced. While I found it moisturizing, I like to stick with products that don't smell like floral perfumes especially since that can be a trigger for my migraines. Liked the consistency and the moisturizing properties but I wouldn't purchase the full size.
Mor Neroli Clementine hand cream sample - You should know that I've been loving Mor. Truly amazing line and this hand cream smells divine. I quickly ordered the hand/body wash and the hand/body lotion duo. Great crisp and fruity scent and the texture of their hand creams and lotions is to die for. Seriously amazing.
Zoya Remove+mini - For awhile there, it seemed like I was getting a bottle of this every few months as Zoya was adding it to most of the orders. This is a pretty decent polish remover. I don't go through a lot of polish remover in bottles as I tend to use the tubs that you stick your fingers into. Once the tubs get grubby, it takes me awhile to repurchase and I may as well with all these 2floz Remove+ bottles lying around. Effective though on the pricey side.
The Body Shop Satsuma shower gel mini - Satsuma is the scent The Body Shop is known for. It's a fruity zesty citrus based scent. It reminds me of my teens as they used to burn this in every single TBS shop and you could smell it wafting in the mall. The Body Shop shower gels are a bit more watery than I like but they do produce a nice lather and I love the scent options (and of course the sales!). I'd repurchase.
La Roche Posay Physiological Cleansing Gel - Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you the facial cleanser that wouldn't die! This 6.76oz bottle lasted forever. You only need the tiniest amount to cleanse your face. It's for normal to combination sensitive skin. While it was pretty nice during the summer, I need something less harsh in the winter and have since switched to balm cleansers. Still, if you need a no frills cleanser for a reasonable price, this is a good one.

So there you have it. What did you use up in December? Link your empties post below, I love reading them!