Wednesday, April 1, 2015

2014 Empties Part V

So I was not expecting this post to be so paltry as I thought I had a bunch more "sample" empties in 2014, but then I remembered that I finished more deluxe sizes which I showed in the actual posts, so... this is the last of what I used up in 2014. Next you will see what I used up in January, February and March of 2015 which I'm quite pleased with, but until then... this slightly pathetic post will have to do.
Hairkop Essence Obliphica Treatment Conditioner - I don't really have a recollection of how this was, but I do remember it came in a Birchbox (referral link) order.
La Fresh Makeup Remover Wipes - I like them, especially for travel, but they are really expensive.
Julep Nail Polish Remover Pad - I found this surprisingly effective, but probably not something I'd repurchase due to the cost per use.
Nyakio Hydrating Face Oil with Kola Nut - I love me a good face oil. I wish the sample was bigger though and close-able.
Ion Repair Solutions Effective Care Treatment Hair Mask - A dependable favorite. I think I have a few of these remaining before I have to step foot in a Sally's (not my favorite experience ever).
The Art of Shaving Pre-Shave Oil - Yes, it's a men's product, but it's awesome. And I have now embraced shaving my legs with oils (I even use some facial cleansing oils - they work and no build up in your razor  - maybe I'll make a post about it).

So those were my true sample empties for 2014. It's a problem when your parents keep their condo stocked with pretty much everything you need and you have no weight limits on a train. Oh well, I tried!