Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Eek! Hurry! Code Expires Tonight!

So, I'm going to apologize because this code expires tonight. Here's the thing, I'm almost done with the bottle that SkinMD sent to me a few months ago to review. I've been using it on my face (well till Saturday when I started testing the new skincare routine), I've been using it on my hands, on any healing scrapes or especially dry skin and I've even used it under my arms when I've had razor burn (and of course on my ears as I've mentioned in my review). So I was thinking that I'd just post my "Empties" post at the same time as posting a code. Well, that little bit at the bottom has lasted longer than I expected it to, so it's not empty and I'd feel slightly guilty saying I was finished with the bottle when I wasn't. Anyway, till tonight you can get 20% off your Skin MD Natural order with code SUMMER10.

I ordered 3 bottles: 1 for me, 1 for my husband so he stops stealing my bottle and 1 for my MIL since she apparently has been looking all over north Georgia for it but can't find it anywhere (I let her try it when we visited and she was really impressed) and honestly if you're only ordering 1 bottle, the shipping is a little high even with the discount code. If you order 3 you get free shipping (even with the discount code).

So there you go. Apologizes! But you'll be seeing my first bottle in my "Empties" post shortly. I also think it says a lot knowing that not only do I like this and am buying a replacement bottle but that my MIL and husband also both like this product.