Wednesday, September 29, 2010

NOTD: China Glaze Ingrid & A Product Rave!

For all you long term readers, you know I used to do NOTD quite frequently, at least once or two a week, but that all changed when my herniated discs made a grand reappearance and it's taken several months to get to the point that I can sit down in a straight backed chair (with cushions) and take the time to paint my nails without looking like an 80+ year old woman afterwards all hunched over. So thank you to my physical therapist (who don't read this anyway) and medication, NOTDs are back!

I recently picked up the full range of the China Glaze Vintage Vixen collection. No, I didn't pay full price. I bought at a mixture of and Victoria Nail Supply (not affiliated with either btw). I think I was most excited for the browns in the range and Ingrid is one of them. It's basically a deep chocolatey brown with a bit of a gray undertone with gold shimmer that didn't seem to translate on my nails as well as in the bottle but that's ok. I think the shimmers all settled to the bottom as I've been waiting quite awhile to use the bottle.

Please excuse my cuticles, they are awful!

There is one thing that I was a little perturbed by. The formula and brush on this polish seemed out of character for the range. The brush was a little wider and floppier which caused the polish to pool and apply more than I wanted, it was also thicker (more pigmented too which is a good thing). I'm not sure if it was the formula of this color or what, but I want my old brush back China Glaze!

Anyway and now for a product rave. I was recently set a kit by the brand Dazzle Dry to review on Beauty Debutante. While the kit was nice, the product that stood out to me was the top coat. It promises to dry your nails in 5-10 minutes, completely. And, it does. It's better than Seche Vite and I'll happily pay the extra cash to buy this in the future once I've finished my Seche Vite supply. No sheet marks, no gouges from the keys on my computer. It is amazing. It retails for $12.50 and can be bought at Overall and a few other retailers. I highly recommend everyone try this stuff out, that's how much I love it!

Disclosure: I was sent Dazzle Dry.
I took the day off work today to recoup from something that was attempting to infect me, and obviously, paint my nails.


Libby's Pink Vanity said...

Better than Vite? Now that's something I have to have!

Hope you are feeling much better too.

Stephanie said...

currently lemming bogie! I'm curious about Dazzle Dry. Why Vite is amazing it doesn't dry completely hard as fast as I'd like and there's also the hot shower polish peeling problem.

Jeweled Thumb said...

@Kimberly: Better than Vite! Thanks dear. I'm getting there. I need to stop ignoring how much sleep I need to function.

@Stephanie: You -need- the top coat. Exactly, Vite dries the top layer quickly, but after you've layered base coat and several coats of polish, it doesn't really get to the bottom. This stuff does.

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