Monday, April 30, 2012

Are Pricey Foundations Worth It?

I've had some pretty entertaining conversations with my family since telling them I was a beauty blogger. Up there is the conversation I had with my brother about skincare. He asked me why his skin was breaking out and eventually, we determined that the body lotion he was using as face cream might have been the culprit. Dermatologist tested does not mean face-safe!

But most of the time, the conversations have merit. This weekend my mom asked me if expensive foundations were worth it. As you may know, I've reviewed a few foundations here of varying price points. Foundation seems to be a very personal preference sort of thing. Those that have darker or lighter skin tones or drier or oilier skins will generally like different foundations. As I'm quite pale, it was only recently that I could find a drugstore foundation that was a decent color match, even still, I can't wear all of the lines. No matter how "tan" (major air quotes there) I get, I can't find a color match in Maybelline foundations. My mother, on the other hand, is a bit darker than me and can probably find a match in most brands.

Most of the time when I spend a lot of money on foundation, it's due to the color. For my wedding makeup, I bit the bullet and bought the $65 Prescriptives Custom Blend foundation. It was the only foundation that I had that was a perfect match and they added some moisture so it wore well on my dry skin. Otherwise, most foundations will do. The appeal of department store makeup is partially the experience (unless you're at a snobby counter) and partially the packaging. Drugstore packaging has improved tremendously but nothing is quite as nice feeling as a hefty glass bottle from the likes of Dior or Chanel.

Just as an example, right now I'm loving the Physicians Formula Healthy Wear Powder (~$13.99) over the more pricey and messy Bare Escentuals ($26) but I am not a fan of the Physicians Formula Youth Wear or the Cover Girl Nature Luxe

I can't say that high end foundations are "better". I can say that it depends on what you want to get out of the foundation. If you enjoy splurging on a foundation, go for it! On the other hand, If you find something at the drugstore that works for you, there's nothing wrong with using and loving it.