Monday, August 29, 2011

Review: Cover Girl Nature Luxe Foundation

I've put off doing the review of the Cover Girl Natureluxe Foundation (nature luxe?) forever. I've had the tube of it for a few months now and I guess that means I've tested it sufficiently. Of course, I bought the lightest shade #305 Alabaster.

This is one of the easiest foundations I've ever found to apply. The texture blends nearly seamlessly into the skin. I've found it easy to apply with my fingers but I suppose you could use a brush if you really wanted to. It's lightweight and has a very slight powdery finish which I didn't find accentuated my dry patches. It is buildable up to a point. I can get medium coverage without much effort, though the foundation itself does have limits. It covers small breakouts easily but if you have any really angry-red pimples, you'll need a separate concealer.

It lasts throughout the day on me a good 9+ hours but that's mostly due to my drier skin and I do not set with a powder. I am not a big fan of the smell, but it doesn't stick around long.

The packaging is another selling point for me. It's very portable with a smaller opening so it's mess-free and is definitely travel friendly unlike some glass bottled foundations. The price is a little high for the drugstore, but combined with sales and coupons, it's not too bad.

My biggest problem with this foundation is that it oxidizes... badly. It looks perfect when I first apply it. As I mentioned it blends flawlessly, I feel as though I don't have foundation on but my skin is evened out to near perfection and then I get halfway through the day and go in the bathroom and about halfway down my neck is an obnoxious orangey-pink line. Outside, it's even worse. I can see a bit of orange around my mouth, around my eyes. It is hideous looking and I am surprised no one has commented.

Basically, proceed with caution and let it wear throughout the day on you without interacting with the public and see how it reacts. Personally, the only way I've been able to use this is mixing a little of it with my regular foundation which admittedly does make the other one apply smoother but is nowhere near convenient.

I wish it didn't go orange on me because I love everything else about it.

Cover Girl Natureluxe foundation, SPF 10. Retails for around $13.99 at drugstores depending on your area.