Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What I've Been Wearing

On my face...
Bare Escentuals Mineral Foundation in Fair.

I just can't be bothered to deal with liquid foundation in the morning these days and if applied correctly, Bare Escentuals is by far the easiest foundation to apply, doesn't really even need a mirror - and wears well throughout the day. I apply probably 4 or 5 very very thin layers with a little kabuki brush and get medium to full coverage. By the end of the day, I still get dry patches like many other foundations but it's not an extreme amount and the Fair shade is a fairly good match for my skin. This and some lip balm has pretty much been my makeup routine lately. A plus, it stays on until I take it off and doesn't break me out.

Sorry to be so boring! I also want to quickly apologize for the lack of reviews this week. There will be more, soon.


PoorCollegeStudent said...

I have been rushed with my beauty routine too, but my skin is soo bad lately. I might have tgo give this a try. I used to wear BE in high school, but I made a mess out of everything with it!

Petra said...

I get dry patches too; they drive me crazy. I'm going to be needing to buy more foundation soon which terrifies me since its so hard to find a match. Really not looking forward to the frustration. :P Maybe I should check this out!

Donna said...

Four or five layers? Do you mean you go over your face four or five times, or that you dip your brush in it four or five times for full face coverage? It just seems to me that if you needed to layer it over your face several times for coverage it would be easier to go with a cream/mousse/liquid just I must be misunderstanding? I'm dumb today, I think!

Jeweled Thumb said...

@PCS: Yeah, it's easy to make a mess with it!

@Petra: I find BE hard to learn how to apply right, but once you do it's fairly goof proof. I might do a separate post on how I get the best application from it in the near future.

@Donna: I swirl/tap/buff 4-5 separate times. If I do that in thin layers it lasts all day and doesn't require a separate powder. I find this easier/faster since I don't have to worry about streaking like I do with liquid or need to set it and I can do it without a mirror.

Donna said...

That makes sense. I'm telling ya, I am just having one of those days. I really should get offline and just make myself a pitcher of margaritas and be done with it. Except I ran out of tequila, so instead I'm being stupid on the internet!

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