Saturday, April 18, 2015

Review: Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipsticks

I had been intrigued about trying the Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipsticks for sometime but I didn't want to purchase because a) they are pricey at $21 a pop and b) there are so many colors, it was overwhelming! In a near empty Sephora inside JCPenney where a sweet associate happened to be on shift, I decided to test some of the colors. First of all, I don't know if this has happened at your Sephoras or ULTAs, but the caps and the area around the little nibs were literally dripping with product and this stuff is pigmented and stains so I could have easily looked like I was coming out of a war zone. For the record, I asked the sweet girl working if she had noticed this happening to hers and she indicated that she hadn't, but that people (and I would imagine children as these are quite low on the stand) squeeze the tubes and so the product builds up at the top in a not so pretty way. Thankfully the alcohol and pads were fully stocked and so I was able to sanitize each one and there were plenty of lip applicators to use and the trashcans weren't full yet... ah it was lovely. Not my usual Sephora trip. Usually the regular stores are so full of people and you have to weave your way through and it's so overwhelming that I never buy anything or try anything on for that matter.

Anyway, off topic. They didn't have the full range, but I originally applied the shade Melted Peony which didn't look quite right on me - it was a lighter pink, quite yellow based and it made my teeth look super yellow! Took that one right off.

The next one I tried was Melted Ruby (described as blood red) which was better, but I almost feel like it pulled fuschia on me until I added more layers, which seemed to be a problem, but I'll get to that later on. Next, I added some Melted Velvet (described as bordeaux), but only in the center of my lips. It looked kind of cool, subtly ombré without being... woah, that girl has crazy looking lips. I took a picture in the store but it didn't really relay the full effect.
Kinda? Maybe? Sephora stores are known for their not-so-great lighting.

What I noticed right off the bat was how comfortable these were to wear, even after applying and removing them and then adding more on top without a lip balm or other treatment as a prep. They have a bit of slip on the lips, but not like some balms, but they are moisturizing like a balm. I also couldn't really feel them as such, but you could tell something was on your lips, something pleasant, but something.

I took a photo 8 hours later. In the meantime, I had wound up with the product on my nose of all places (I have no idea how that happened), outside my natural lipline and on my teeth. I looked super glamorous to be sure. Yet, the product was still on my lips and my lips still felt nourished and it hadn't gone all gummy or balled up.
Admittedly, I cleaned myself up a bit before taking this picture (I removed the streak from my nose/cheek!), but you can kind of see my upper lip has some issues (as did my lower lip but I was parked in my car and the lighting wasn't great - and no my face is not that light and my chest is not that dark and they match under normal conditions!

So then I went and grabbed myself a coffee and some of it did come off on my coffee lid so as I drank my Venti Decaf Americano I figured the rest would come off. Nope...
It's certainly not as dark as when I first applied, but it's definitely still there (this is 10 hours of wear - with drinking and eating thrown in), including the bit that bled into my cupid's bow.

So, bleeding aside (I'm curious to give these another go, but with less product next time), the wear time on these is amazing. And they are comfortable on the lips, which is awesome. As tempted as I am to buy one individually, I am kind of hoping that Too Faced puts these out in a set of some sort so I can try a few colors at once and see if my hypothesis is true or if they are a product that simply moves around, in which case I wouldn't want them in my collection, and I kind of doubt I would use a product where I need to look in the mirror every few minutes to make sure the product hasn't gotten onto my teeth yet again (I had to carry around a tissue and scrub my teeth every hour or so when I did this test - no joke). Plus, I want to try applying these from the actual applicator, which I absolutely refuse to do in a place like Sephora or ULTA. So... fingers crossed Too Faced puts out a mini collection at a store I can return them in if they happen to smear everywhere! Maybe for the holidays? Hinthinthint Too Faced, not like they read this!

So that was my day of testing the Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipsticks. Has anyone else had the same experience as me with them? I'm kind of hoping no, because I really like how they feel (and I think Melted Velvet would totally be coming home with me if that's the case).