Saturday, October 31, 2009

Everybody Get Baked

No, of course, I'm not suggesting that you guys partake in illegal substances. I'm talking about various baked products in cosmetics. If you're the least bit enthused about our shiny little bundles of joy, you know that baked products have become the 'it' product. You would think MAC started it off. Oh no. It was Bourjois. In 1863. Beat that, MAC.

Anyhow, I think MAC brought it into popularity again, and these days you can find almost every company sporting little round baked puffs of color.

Today I visited Sally's since I had a $5 off coupon that was about to expire and found that two of their lines now carried baked cosmetics and they were 25% off. Oh boy, a sale, I exclaimed! Femme Couture and Palladio now have baked eyeshadow, blushes (Palladio only) and bronzers.

Now that the market is fairly saturated with them, you can get them at nearly any price point.

I've photographed a fair number. We have:
Jesse's Girl Baked Powder eyeshadow $4.99
Hard Candy Kal-eye-descope duos $6
Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush wet/dry $7 and typically on sale 5/$20
Femme Couture $7 ish? I paid $5.25
Bourjois $14
Nouba Double Bubble eyeshadow $20
Laura Geller Baked Marble Eyeshadow $23
Stila eyeshadow trio $28

Btw - I am officially in awe of you ladies that do arm swatches. I fail miserably at them. I can't get both arms to stay put - 1 or the other shakes and then you get horrible fuzzy swatches. No good.


Femme Couture Downtown Brown/vs/Beauty Rush Espresso Lane
Stila Gold Glow Trio (middle shade)/vs/Beauty Rush Bronzinger

In my opinion, as far as pigment is concerned, they rank in more or less the following order.

Femme Couture
Beauty Rush
Jesse's Girl
Hard Candy
Laura Geller

At least the 1 Laura Geller duo that I have Spumoni/Sinful Praline is the worst baked product I've tried. It takes so many swipes to get some color and it's pretty chunky and glittery once you do get it. The Hardy Candy duo I tested was also pretty bad. Took several swipes to get any amount of color and the beautiful silvery taupe shade is almost nothing when you actually swipe it. Stila's, Bourjois and Nouba produce pigment but aren't as silky as the Beauty Rush or the Femme Couture. I'm actually really impressed with both products especially for the price point!

And of course to keep things light, DH walked in while I was swatching and posting pictures and commented:
"is this blog entry, I stain my fingers with poo?" = DH

That explains it all, folks!


ashnickers said...

i am in love with baked shadows and was introduced first to them by laura geller. A shame you didn't have better results with geller and hard candy they are my favorites! Thanks for ranking them, I'm gonna have to try Victoria's Secret now :)

Jeweled Thumb said...

@ashnickers: I'm actually really hoping that the other HC duos are better! I bought 2 others and this was the only one I've tested so far. To add, I swatched all of these dry, so they might do better wet. And maybe I just got a dud LG eyeshadow? I actually really like her baked blushes!

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