Sunday, October 11, 2009

Review: Styli-Style Plastique Hi-Shine Lipgloss

Today I bring you a review of something that probably should have a cult following, but doesn't. Styli-Style's eyeliners are super popular all over the internet (especially the 24/7 pencil liners not to be confused with Urban Decay's much pricier line). However, you usually don't hear all that much about their line of lip products.

Styli-Style's Plastique Hi-Shine lipglosses are awesome. They are only slightly sticky (not like MAC lipglasses that's for sure). They have that vanilla scent that MAC uses. They are moisturizing. They come in lots of colors and they are cheap! I bought discontinued packaging (the silver caps - on sale on their website from $3.99-$7.99) but they just came out with new black packaging ($7.49).

click on image for super large detailed size
I made the images above pretty big. These are all the colors I have. This is another one of my Ebay deals. No, of course I didn't pay $7.99 a piece or even $3.99 a piece. Want to guess? Wrong! Hah. No, I paid 50 cents each for all of these beautiful colors.

The stand out colors for me are:
Flirty: a creamy peachy pink, no shimmer at all, and of course as noted above, a very cheap and not quite as nasty smelling (!) NARS Turkish Delight dupe
Metro: a pink base with peach duo-chrome (NARS orgasm dupe?)
Mambo: a slightly more intense Metro with orange duo-chrome
Berry: Likely easily dupe-able but a very pretty cool berry with subtle shimmer

And of course, I love clear not horribly sticky lipglosses, especially if you have a ton of loose shadows (which of course I do). Mix clear (or Candy a very very light nearly clear pink with silver sparkle) with a light green pigment, get a cheaper version of MAC Spring Bean lustreglass. Mix either of the above with black pigment, get a much cheaper version of the black lipgloss trend and don't sacrifice a whole tube to be trendy!

So much fun. So underrated.

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Anonymous said...

I agree I love this line better than mac. I hated make up until I tried these. I bought 176 pcs on ebay for 34.99 hellooooo. Not only was that affordable but they're great. The make up stays on forever the colors compliment each otgher. I just havent seen eyeshadow.

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