Sunday, October 4, 2009

I Found Hard Candy!

There's been quite a craze over the new Hard Candy line at Walmart, and while I wasn't sure it would be at the one close by, I took the chance. And there it was, in it's new shiny goodness! It had to have gone up very recently because even the price tags weren't up yet. I have to admit I went a little crazy. I just have product photos so far. No swatches. Hopefully, it's all decent. Though, I just double checked Walmart's return policy and as far as I can see, there are no exclusions with cosmetic products (though correct me if I'm wrong) unlike Target.

What can I say about the line without even cracking open these babies? Well, there's a ton of it! I could have gone super wild and picked up much more. There are easily over 100 different colors/items in the line. Several different lip colors, eye shadows, bronzers, face products, eye palettes... And for all of you germaphobes, everything in the line is sealed, which is awesome.

Nouveau Cheap has great pictures of the whole line here.