Saturday, October 17, 2009

I'm Shopppping in the Rain!

As those that live in or around the DC/Metro area know, the last week or so has been pretty unpleasant. It's been raining nonstop. It's been windy. It's been cold. But after Nouveau Cheap's post on Japanese nail polish, I had to hit my local Asian Market to see if there were any goodies to be had. Unfortunately, the one I went to down the street, Maxim (I know, hahaha) had no makeup to be found, but I did find Pocky and some other yummy snacks! DH has already attacked the Pocky.

I also went to Rite Aid again and picked up some more L'oreal liquid intense pencil liners. I found more colors and they rang up 50% off so it looks like L'oreal is only keeping the boring ones. I got Emerald, Bronze, Gray and Brown (Gray and Brown were BOGO 50%). I didn't mention this in my previous post, but Rite Aid is having a L'oreal sale through the end of the year. Including their various weekly sales, if you purchase $100 worth of L'oreal products - including hair and skincare - between now and 12/08/09 and you enter your receipts on their website, you will get a rebate check for $30. This is a pretty good deal if you buy during sales and an even sweeter deal if you use coupons like I do. This also includes the HIP line which is pretty popular.