Friday, October 23, 2009

Review: Too Faced Queen For A Day LE Eyeshadow Quad

As I mentioned, I purchased the Queen For A Day set from the Sephora Friends & Family sale and it arrived yesterday. I didn't have the time to open it up until tonight, but the thing I was perhaps most looking forward to was the eyeshadow quad. I have had pretty good experiences with Too Faced shadows and this quad looked like some stunning neutrals and a nice easy office look. Well, I was sorely disappointed when I opened the quad. Now, to be fair, this set is an excellent value, for $36 (what I paid with the FF discount), each item is roughly $5 and considering most of the items are full-sized, that is a good deal indeed. Ok, so in the promo pics at least, the upper right hand of the quad seemed to have this gorgeous taupe with shimmer. Well, I open it to find out that the "shimmer" is glitter and not tasteful glitter, big chunky silver glitter. But I was willing to give it a chance. Oh boy.

Don't believe me, look.

See how the glitter doesn't seem consistent throughout the pan? Well, that's because it isn't. It's clumped together. But I was willing to give it the benefit of the doubt - it is mid-end stuff after all, right? Ok, first of all, when my brush touched the powder, I knew things weren't looking good. The brush seriously skipped over the "powder" and it felt bumpy. Here are my swatches:
From top to bottom: ""taupe"" aka glitterbomb, brown, bronze, pink
(counter clockwise starting from the taupe in the actual product picture)

Oh, look. It has no pigment either! And the glitter flakes off the swatch. These are a couple of layers with a brush. No base. I actually like the other 3 colors. Nice and subtle for work. But not the taupe. It's a sad sad day in the taupe lovers world.

*Update: There is now silver glitter all over my black shirt...great*


Lipglossiping said...

Oh that looks horrible, what a disappointment :(

Jeweled Thumb said...

@Lipglossiping: Oh my gosh, it was. It almost makes me want to return the set, but I think I might just tear out that part of the quad and dump it or swap it maybe? It seems a waste to return when there's 3 more full sized products in there and a cute bag.

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