Sunday, June 6, 2010


I was expecting this post to be more substantial than it is, but I've decided to not wait until I use something else up since we could be waiting awhile!
I've recently used up 3 products (notice that there's really no makeup but I am working on that!).

- Avene Eau Thermale - Love this stuff and have several back ups waiting for me
- Fresh Seawater & Ginseng Treatment Toner - Love this stuff too. Unfortunately this toner has been discontinued but I use this primarily on my nose or where I have clogged pores, I doesn't burn and it doesn't really tingle all that much, but I swear I feel a kind of bubbling and it brings the ickiness to the top and makes extraction much easier. I usually apply this with a cotton pad on my nose and wait for it to bubble and then use one of those torture devices to clean things up. Also really nice to pour some in a spray bottle, stick in the fridge and spray when it's hot and icky. I already have a backup and will be sad when my stash is gone.
- Woody's Citrus Ice Lipbalm - I've sang my love for this already here. Even though Woody's is a male grooming brand, I really love this lipbalm. It easily compares to the Fresh balm but honestly I think it's a bit better and so is the price point! I won't be repurchasing now because I am what you would call a lip balm connoisseur, but I definitely will in the future. Oh, and I love this balm so much, I scooped out the very very last bit of it before deeming it finished. 

Have you used up anything recently? Would you repurchase?


Makeup Savvy said...

Really love the Thermal water too. So good for many reasons.

The toner looks really interesting the idea of seawater & ginseng together sounds great.

Fee x

Spaceinvaders said...

The last thing I used up was my Celestial moisturiser by Lush. Luckily I had a back up :)

Jeweled Thumb said...

@Fee: Yeah, I'm going to be on the look out for another toner when I'm done with this and my other back up bottles. Any recs? I think the salt in the seawater is a good astringent without being too hard.

@spaceinvaders: Welcome to Jeweled Thumb btw! I've never tried much LUSH skincare, I'm assuming you like it? I'm scared to try it and fall in love with it since it's so pricey!

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