Sunday, June 20, 2010

NOTD: Zoya Ivy

This is actually a "nail of the (fri)day" as that's when I applied this manicure. DH and I went to Lake Anna, VA to visit a friend at his parent's lake house literally right on the lake. It was absolutely gorgeous and the weather was perfect. We swam, (I) napped, went canoeing and kayaking and spent time with friends of ours. Perfect weekend. My manicure suffered a little bit as sand is generally unkind to polish but it was totally worth it.

Ivy is sort of a weird color, to be quite honest. I absolutely hated the color inside as it appears coppery, but in the sunlight, it's more of a warm red. DH really liked it but it's a color I bought because of the name: this is my Zoya namesake so I'm going to keep it around regardless.
A reminder of the bottle picture. This was taken indoors.
The first picture was taken on Friday inside and the 2nd was taken inside tonight as I'm sure you can tell with the pretty evident tip wear.
Indirect natural light.
Slightly more direct natural light. The color appears a bit more cranberry. I was not able to take a picture in direct natural lighting but it gets even more red or pinky toned in the sunlight. It looked gorgeous on the ride down but it's nearing on 8pm so there's no real direct sunlight to speak of so you'll just have to take my word for it!