Friday, June 18, 2010

Zoya Exchange Haul

Wow, I wasn't expecting to receive my Zoya Earth Day Promo Haul before they received my trade-in polishes. I sent them ground so Zoya hasn't gotten them yet.

Either way I thought I would share real life non-website-swatches of my haul. I can't guarantee these are the most accurate photos but I tried my best to get them as accurate as bottle pictures could be.
Jade Aria Lindsay
Anastasia Ivy Pru
Reece Happi Cassi
Ibiza Lael Rea
Envy Suvi Jo
Vegas Freeze Venus Perrie
Astra Nova

These were taking without the flash on. I depended on an overhead light to pick up any duo chrome or glitter in the polishes so the flash wouldn't wash them out entirely.

There's still time to do the exchange (till the 30th of June) so don't wait too long if you're interested.