Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Review: Dylan's Candy Bar Lip Saver Coconut Bon Bon

This was another one of those products I bought from Sephora to get to $50 for free shipping. I wasn't expecting to like this at all to be quite honest, but since I'm a well known lip balm connoisseur, I had to try it. The line has gone on clearance and the lip savers are now $4 instead of the $8 retail (which is honestly way too much for an unknown low-mid end brand).

The clear balm comes in a little plastic .71oz jar that twists open. By now, you all should remember my dislike for potted balms, but even though it is potted, I apply the balm directly to my lips from the jar just like the One balm.

The texture of this is kind of a gel. It's quite hard and you can't really press your finger into the product, which I like and makes it perfect to apply from the container. It smells like candied coconut and not as fake as I was expecting (my only complaint is it has a slightly bitter taste - it doesn't taste like it smells). Maybe my super low expectations for this product impacted my review but it's not bad! It's moisturizing, it smells good, it's cheap(er) and it made me not have to pay shipping on Sephora's site. What could be better? Haha, anyhow...

Have you tried any of the Dylan's Candy Bar products or thinking of it before they leave Sephora forever? I'm not going to be trying anything else from the line but I'll certainly use this up, more like if I ever use this up, since I seem to be incapable of using up anything.


Recessionista! said...

Oh I have been so curious about this line! Thanks for the great, informative review. I'm bummed that the flavor is lacking, but it's good to know it wasn't a complete bust! :)

Jeweled Thumb said...

@R: You're very welcome. Yeah, I like it enough that I continue to reach for it, so not bad for $4. =)

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