Saturday, June 26, 2010

Playing With My Jouer Haul

No, I'm not talking about swatching anything or looking at any pretty colors, I'm referring to me playing legos with my new cosmetics and I thought I'd show how neat they are. So if you are expecting swatches (coming in another post), I'd not read further but if you are interested in how you can actually play legos with these products, keep reading.
Here's my Jouer Gilt haul in its entirety. I bought the blush set in Peony, the skin tint in Pearl and the eye set in Khaki.
Of course I made a wild unboxing dash for the products that you can actually play with. Pretty eyeliner, pfft!

Each interlocking product comes with two ways of attaching it to another.
You can either snap the product directly on top of each other like so
There are tracks on each side of the product to slide them in side by side.
Pretty cool, huh?

The neat thing is that even if you stack them directly on top of each other, you can still access both of the items.
It's kind of hard to see, but look slightly right and down of my thumb. That's the top of the other eyeshadow opening up to see the color directly beneath the top eyeshadow.
And there's your makeshift palette of them all attached together.

Color me stupid, but it took me a bit longer to figure this out than I thought and I was actually really scared to accidentally break the plastic putting them together and especially pulling them back apart. But I did it a few times and no breakage. I'm not sure how if it would withstand the pressure in a suitcase getting jumbled around traveling (especially in the sliding configuration - I bet it would be fine when they are locked on top of each other) but the idea is so fun! I've tested out only one of the products on my skin so far (the tint) but I'll come back with another post on my thoughts when I stop playing with the packaging and commence playing with the actual products!

Disclosure: I bought these products from Gilt, a sample site. This post includes a referral link.


Ashley A. said...

They definitely look fun, are they good wear?

Jeweled Thumb said...

@Ashley: I haven't tried the products yet, just played with the neat packaging.

Olivia said...

ooh it reminds me of lego blocks! I'll wait for your swatches.

Jeweled Thumb said...

Olivia: I know, I get a child-like thrill playing with these things. =)

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