Friday, January 1, 2010

My Foundation Shades

Aside from jokes about my likeliness to white sheets, I haven't done a proper post regarding my foundation shades. My biggest issues when looking for foundations is finding something pale and pink enough and also finding something that doesn't break me out or irritate my skin. I'm not including all of the foundation that I own because I am so keen on finishing one or two of these bottles before cracking open another.

These are the 3 liquid foundations that I currently have in rotation:
  • Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + #15 $34/1oz
  • Prescriptives Custom Mixed Foundation $65 (this is both lighter and less yellow than their lightest pre-mixed shade) - this is the mini that I usually decant from the big bottle to keep it out of humidity/sunlight
  • Exuviance Skin Caring Foundation SPF 15 in Ivory $32/1oz
There is actually a pretty funny story with the Exuviance. When I started working at ULTA I told my boss that I couldn't find a foundation in the store that matched me. So we basically went on a wild goose chase around the 'prestige' area trying to find one. Most were either too dark or too yellow. Finally, we found the Exuviance area that is hidden in the skincare section. He had never heard of the brand before himself but it was the only color in the store that matched me (that's not completely true, I can also wear Bare Escentuals Fair and Studio Gear Tinted Moisturizer in Fair).

l-r: MUFE, Px, Exuviance
My favorite is definitely the custom mixed Prescriptives one (I am so sad the line is shutting down). During the winter, this is definitely preferred since there is extra moisturizer in the formula and of course it is a perfect match. The MUFE and the Exuviance are both significantly more matte and I need to moisturize a great deal before application or else they are dry and cakey looking. They are definitely better Summer foundations since they do not budge either once set. Just a note: the Exuviance looks a lot pinker swatched then it does on my skin. I don't know if it self adjusts or what, because it's very similar to the other two shades once sheered out.

I'd like to thank Pink Sith for turning me on to the MUFE. She actually RAOK-ed me my first bottle!