Friday, April 29, 2011

Flash Reviews

I want to first apologize for my recent absence. I started a new job about a month ago but only recently started having a decent amount of work to do there and being busy during the day. By the time I get home I want to sleep, not blog. Either way, I've been trying some new things (and not so new) out lately and I wanted to share my thoughts without a long lengthy review that requires multiple pictures and swatches.

SIRCUIT®SKIN Cosmeceuticals Fixzit™ / Blemish Drying Serum ($30)
I bought this in a Bloom Circle order since my skin has been freaking out lately. I went from the odd pimple/bump to my chin covered in them and even a few popped up on my usually very dry forehead. The issue is that I can't use something super strong and many are very pricey. This seemed to be a reasonable price and so far has been working very well. I tweeted that the majority of the spots are gone after about a week of nightly use. I did take a before shot and in a week or so I'll do a proper review of this product.

Covergirl Lip Perfection Lipstick (~$7.49)
I picked one of these up recently in the CVS sale. I don't remember the color but it was a light slightly coral tinged pink. I'm not a fan of these so far. The one I got was super pigmented, yes - but not moisturizing and made my thought to be well moisturized/exfoliated lips peel. It's definitely one of those lipsticks that you can't really apply from the tube, at least not for me!
Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals Mineral Foundation ($25)
Since the recent skin freak out, I'm back to layering Bare Minerals Foundation in Fair over tinted moisturizer. Gives a good finish and coverage and doesn't make my skin freak out. I'm nearly done with my pot of this stuff and it has lasted forever.

Epielle Wipes
Oh my gosh guys, I am not sure how I lived without these wipes. The lovely Nouveau Cheap recommended them after my lukewarm review of the Yes To Cucumbers ones. These rock and they are super cheap. My Big Lots had them for $1 a pack and I hear you can sometimes find them other places too. I bought a couple of the different scents and I'm using the cucumber ones now and it smells like straight cucumbers, not floral-cumbers. I'm in love and the next time I'm at Big Lots I'll stock up if they still have them.
True Blue Spa Shea Cashmere Hand Cream ($6-$10)
I am absolutely loving this slightly pricey hand cream. It sinks in quickly, it smells like subtle cake (?) to me and it leaves your hands silky soft, not greasy at all. I've been keeping it on my nightstand and applying it close to bedtime. I find the scent pretty soothing.

I'm sure there's more but more reviews coming soon!

Disclosure: Post includes a referral link to Bloom Circle


GothamPolish said...

Oh I love the shea cashmere hand cream!

Stephanie C. said...

I love layering Bare Minerals over tinted moisturizer! It gives me just the right amount of extra coverage I need. I love these "flash review" kind of posts. :)

Jeweled Thumb said...

@GothamPolish: I'm really enjoying it, though I'm starting to think it's not moisturizing enough for my dry hands.

@Steph: It definitely makes the product behave better on my dry skin! Thanks! These make me feel a little guilty since I didn't take any photos!

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