Sunday, April 3, 2011

Playing with MUA Shadows

I've had a really boring weekend as I've been sick with a cold and aside from sneezing my way through a box of tissues, drinking tea and sucking on cough drops I've done nothing exciting, I haven't even left the house. However, whenever I am bored and stuck at home, I always feel the urge to do crazy makeup looks and I had some uber crazy dark shadows from my swap with Kelly so I decided to try them out.

The MUA or Make Up Academy range in the UK retails for £1 which comes out to about $1.60 USD if my latest calculations are correct. That's very cheap and I had heard that the eyeshadow pearl range was fantastic so I was super excited to receive them from Kelly.

Seriously... look at these
They are the same two swatches but the light picks up the colors slightly different, #14 on the left and #13 on the right. So beautiful!
I used #14 all over the lid and into the crease (and the blended to soften) and #13 to line the lower lid. These are gorgeous shades that blend well and are super pigmented even on the eyes. I only used UDPP as a base, nothing else. Well, aside from the mascara of course!

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday. I'm off to make myself another pot of tea and maybe some more sorbet!
My disheveled state! I only did one eye.


Libby's Pink Vanity said...

You feel better now!! ;) I like that dark shadow on you. The shadows to have that shimmery, different color in different light feel.

Jamie Dorman said...

I've felt the same way since I just got my wisdom teeth out!

Anonymous said...

Ive given you a blog award


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