Saturday, April 2, 2011

March Empties

I admit, I'm a bit pleased with the products I've finished in March. Not a huge amount, but a little from each category.

Goldwell Dual Sense Sun Reflects Leave-in Protect Spray - This has been reviewed and praised by me for quite awhile now. I never did find it at ULTA or any of my local hair salons but I've managed to find some from other brands that are very similar. Still this is one of my favorite leave-in conditioners and I adore the scent!
La Roche Posay Rosaliac Micellar Makeup Removal Gel - La Roche Posay has discontinued this particular product but they make a micellaire cleansing water that I'm going to be picking up soon. I found that my CVS near works stocks the full La Roche Posay (and Vichy) lines so much more convenient than ordering online.
Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Conditioner - I've mentioned before that I used to use the full range of the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree line, however my husband isn't the biggest fan of the scent of tea tree oil and to be quite honest, it isn't my favorite scent ever. This is more minty which is also not something I am a huge fan of so I'll be slowly finishing my back ups.
Haus of Gloi Soft Bubbling Scrub in Hearth
Haus of Gloi Sugar Exfoliant in Depravity
Stila Lip Glaze Stick in Apricot - Stila discontinued the lip glaze sticks a couple years ago but has occasionally brought them out during their sales and I adore them. I find it interesting that tons of companies are creating these sort of products but in my mind, Stila has been and always will be the best. Apricot is a sheer peachy color with no shimmer or glitter and all of the sticks are scented like their namesakes which I find quite fun (and definitely an improvement over something boring like mint - hint tarte). I have a few other colors currently in rotation but I love Apricot with a smokey eye, it creates a great nude-ish lip without looking like you have concealer on your lips. Some of the darker shades are pretty pigmented though more of a jelly finish and almost act like stains. Stila, bring these back please!


Kimberly said...

It feels like a proud accomplishment to finish up a product. I enjoy reading about yours.

Jeweled Thumb said...

@Kimberly: Speaking of which, I was in the middle of taking these photographs for the post and my husband was wondering what I was doing... he saw the bag that I keep the products in prior to doing these posts... and he said, "oh those products must have been really bad for you to throw them away" and I said they were empty and he looked at me and said, "you people are weird".

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