Saturday, June 4, 2011

May Empties

Lorac Wet/Dry Powder Makeup in WD1 Yes! Ladies and Gentlemen, I have finally finished the LORAC powder foundation I have been using as a setting powder for months now (here's the link to the progress from March). I can't count how many times I dropped the powder and the packaging is quite chunky and rather flimsy for what it is and random plastic pieces of it are probably all over my bathroom. Even though this is marketed as a wet/dry powder makeup, I didn't have any luck using it wet as the brush wouldn't pick up any product (and the fact it turned orange). It is the lightest shade available and still seemed to go a bit yellow on me so it wasn't the greatest color match. This was only ok and something I had swapped for ages ago. I'm pretty happy that it's done and I can finally get rid of the clunky casing!
Skin Effects Cleansing Effects Gentle Foaming Cleanser for Sensitive Skin The gentle and sensitive claims are a lie. This was super drying and I was only able to use it a few days a week. I think from now on, I'm going to try to stay away from foaming cleansers unless I'm experiencing a random oily day. This is a CVS house brand that often goes on sale.
The Body Shop Tea Tree Facewash (sample) I got a sample of this the last time I was at The Body Shop. I found this cleanser made my skin tight. I enjoy the skin benefits of tea tree oil though I don't think I'll purchase this one.
Epielle Cucumber Cleansing Tissues GO BUY THESE! If you can find 'em that is. My Big Lots seems to have a near constant supply of these wipes and for $1 they are by far the cheapest of any face wipes I've found. They are lightly fragranced, soft and just as nice as the $6+ ones.
Haus of Gloi Who Needs Love Scrub I know it says whipped soap but it was definitely the foaming scrub. This was from the Valentine's Day collection and though I wasn't thrilled with this scent in the fragrance oil form, the scrub was a bit lighter (just a bit of raspberry and chocolate were what I could make out). I quite liked using this. I have a couple other of their scrubs to use up but I am dying to buy some of the summer scents they just launched!

So those were the products I used up last month. Have you used anything up recently?


Steph said...

I finally found the Epielle wipes after hearing about them from both you and G, but not living near a Big Lots or Dollar Tree. When I got back home from school for the summer, I ran over to the Big Lots and was so excited to get them. They really are great, and only $1!

Lillian Funny Face said...

I loved the sound of Who Needs Love, chocolate and raspberries, yum!

Kristie said...

wow you are so good! I finally hit empties this month on a couple of products. I think it's a sign I have too much makeup :)

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