Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer Lips

I'm not the biggest fan of the summer season. Ever since summer stopped equaling months off for relaxation, I've become a little less enthused. Also, business professional when it's 90 degrees outside isn't fun no matter how you slice it.

But that doesn't mean I dislike summer trends especially juicy sheer colors on the lips. Sheer lip products are by far my favorite and there have been some new releases (or new to me products) that I'd like to share.

First, Maybelline Colorsensational Highshine

I love these new lipsticks from Maybelline. I have been slowly acquiring the shades when they go on sale and if you are a fan of sheer lipsticks, you will love these! Some of the shades do have a bit of sparkle but it's very refined. I am not a big fan of the regular Colorsensational line as it's a bit drying on me but these are lovely.
Two of my new arrivals are Mauvilous Shine and Coral Lustre. These are fabulous and smell like fruit punch. Anywhere from $5 to $9 depending on the drugstore and location and often on sale. These are the perfect swipe and go color for the summer season.
The Missha The Style Crystal Shine Rouge Mixing lipsticks are meant to be applied on top of other colors, but I'm liking these on their own. At $10.99 they are a bit more expensive than the Maybellines but as you know Missha is well known for their sales and I didn't pay full price. These have a light balmy texture, smell faintly of white grape and the pink shade has some duochrome sparkle in it that creates a bit of shine, but again, not over the top glitter. The only caveat is they only have 2 colors in this line.
Oh Sleek you taunted me for so long with your inexpensive products across the pond. Thankfully, Jellyminx Thinks united me with this lovely tinted lip balm and I'm so glad she did. It smells coco-nutty and is creamy and moisturizing but still adds a nice pop of color to the lips. I'm kinda having a "gotta collect 'em all" Pokemon moment with these. This one is Pink Cadillac, a great bright pink perfect for summer.
And of course swatches.
Maybelline Mauvilous Shine
Maybelline Coral Lustre
Missha OR03
Missha PK06
Sleek Pink Cadillac

I'm sure I'm missing some but these are some I think everyone should try. What are your favorite summer lipsticks? Are you another sheer lip lover?


meredith said...

Yes right now I am loving Vasanti Cosmetics tinted lip balm and I splurged on Chanel Rouge Coco Shine!!

Jeweled Thumb said...

@meredith: I remember those Vasanti tinted lip balms! I loved them, once upon a time ULTA carried them. The whole line was pretty good if I remember correctly. I'm trying to stave off my craving for the Chanel myself. I just can't justify the price for 1 product.

Kimberly said...

Pink Cadillac is my favorite!

Y said...

I love the missha gold lipstick thing!

ndoodles said...

Wow I'm always interested in the new colorsensational lippies but they got the glitter that I'm not a big fan of! I do like sheer lipsticks though.

Stefy said...

i cant wait to get my hands on that sleek pink cadillac!
Srefy x

PoorCollegeStudent said...

I always want sleek and I've ordered from them before, but I always wonder if it's worth the shipping and fees and I often wonder if I should just buy some more expensive makeup that will end up costing the same instead. It's a shame they are so hard to get; their products are great, esp their blush. I did like that coral maybelline lipstick too, but I returned it because it reminded me of my dior addict lip color and I didn't want to have too many similar products.

jbrobeck said...

I am addicted to these new Maybellines, I think I have 5 now!

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