Monday, June 6, 2011

Seeking Reviewer Tester Person

I was thinking this evening about some concealer that I reviewed about a month ago and how I don't use it since it's the wrong color. And it's not my color, my mother's color, my in-laws color... you get the picture.

Anyway, I thought I'd offer them up here for testing or reviewing. You don't have to have a blog (if you don't you can post right here on Jeweled Thumb and you would be my very first guest reviewer).

Anyway, to remind all of you, the product is the Miracle Skin Transformer Treat & Conceal Concealer in Light/Medium which I'd say is around a NC30 or thereabouts. Though I could be wrong. Anyway, I have 1 lightly used tube and 1 unused tube to offer. One person or two? Thoughts?

I thought this would be fun for a few reasons: 1. Everyone has a different opinion and I love hearing yours, 2. I'm not going to use this so it might as well go to some use! and 3. Everyone else would be able to hear what someone besides me thinks!

Please leave a comment below if you are interested. Please check the color swatch for reference. If it doesn't closely match you then please don't volunteer, maybe there will be some other review chances in the works.

(While I'd love reviewers from all over, I can never get to the post office when it's open so US would probably be easiest unless you don't mind waiting)

Thank you and thank you all for being so awesome. Seriously, you don't know how much I appreciate each and every one of you.


Anonymous said...

I'm interested lol. Always looking for stuff to experiment with.

Winni said...

I'm interested also, I'm about NC30 with yellow undertones and I'd love to do a guest review.

Jeweled Thumb said...

@pinkynudelips, Winni: I totally should have asked for e-mail addresses. I hope you two read this. So I can e-mail, get your addresses and send them out. =)

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