Thursday, February 2, 2012

Julep Boho Glam February Maven Box

My February Julep Maven Box arrived in the mail today. This month I opted for the Boho Glam box as the colors seemed more up my alley and it included the Essential Cuticle Oil which I had been wanting to try. This month's box definitely has a Valentine's Day theme complete with red packaging and chocolate! Julep sure knows a way to this girl's heart!
Inside was the Cuticle Oil as expected, Marisa (Rich Cobalt Blue Shimmer) and Oscar (Gold Glitter). Both colors launched as a celebration of the Oscars that aired recently and maybe you can't see him that well in the picture above, but each box comes with your very own chocolate Oscar.
Isn't he nice and likely delicious?

Julep Maven is a $19.99 a month program and it seems with the program they tend to send newly launched colors rather than items in their normal line. So far I've enjoyed it as I really like the polishes. They are some of the fastest drying polishes I've ever tried and the opacity of them has been great. I am disappointed with their metallic shades since they streak horribly though I've tried my best to only pick boxes with creams or shimmer finishes.

Swatches to come!

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