Saturday, September 25, 2010

Blog Sale

A few months ago I stumbled across my old MAC collection at my parent's house. I was shocked to find so many barely used cosmetics. Well, it's taken me a bit of time to go through them, and this sale doesn't even encompass all the items I found but I was only able to carry a few things back home with me and I hate photographing these type of things! I'm going to stop rambling now and share the blog sale! Lots of MAC and a few other brands, but the majority is MAC. I finally figured if I could 'forget' about these things for several years, I obviously don't need them!

Here is the link. It is now about 10 after 8pm on Saturday and I imagine I'll fall asleep closer to 9:30 and I need to take a shower.... I'll try to respond to comments and invoice as soon as I can. Imagine shipping will occur sometime this week depending on work schedule and how my back feels.