Sunday, September 12, 2010

Review: Gabrielle Faust By Overall Beauty

I was recently contacted by the PR for the new Gabrielle Faust by Overall Beauty line, a line of mineral shadows created and inspired by the horror author Gabrielle Faust. I'm not a press release copy/paste kind of gal, but I'll include the description from the little card I received.

"Overall Beauty presents an exciting new line of eye shadows inspired by the acclaimed novelist Gabrielle Faust. These vegan, mineral cosmetics are hypoallergenic & contain zero dyes or carmines. Purchase individually or as a set!"

I received the full set of 8 which contains:

“Love Lost” (deep rose)
“Vampire’s Kiss” (sangria red)
“Karmic Knight” (dark eggplant purple)
“Misanthrope” (ashen violet)
“Indiscretion” (charcoal gray)
“Aftermath” (burnt umber brown)
“Sanctified Snow” (opalescent white)
“Hourglass Sand” (golden cream)

Each eyeshadow retails for $8.99 individually or you can purchase the full set of 8 for $72 (Overall Beauty is also offering samples for $3). While I was really happy with the array of neutral (though admittedly smokey) wearable day time shades in this collection, I'll admit I was a bit put off by the price. 
I'm fighting off yet another sinus infection, so I apologize for the state of these swatches, but it'll give you an idea. As always (or as usual), I swatched all of these without a base, dry to see the real texture of the shadow.
From left to right:
Love Lost, Misanthrope, Karmic Knight, Vampire Kiss, Indiscretion, Sanctified Snow, Hourglass Sand
on bottom:

I have mixed thoughts about this collection. Even though I really like the neutral slightly smoky palette, I think some color would change things up a bit. A lot of the purple smokey shades are very close (namely Karmic Knight & Vampires Kiss). However, in my opinion, these are wonderful matte shades to work with (aside from Sanctified Snow of course which is a shimmery shade). The only shade I had blending problems with was Indiscretion, the smoky gray shade.

Even though Love Lost is marketed as an eyeshadow, I think it makes a great blush when sheered out. Hourglass Sand is a great all over lid shade for the daytime, the tiny hint of peach/yellow helps correct any unevenness in lid color.

Again, back and forth I go.

Packaging is your type mineral makeup packaging, although they did add sifters, ingredient/product information on the bottom of the jar, the label on top and they are individually sealed, I almost wish they would have snazzed them up a bit. Since they are $9 a jar, make them special, with a different container. The market is saturated with mineral companies in the same clear jars and this is coming from a published author. I was just kind of hoping for something a little more? Is that too picky of me?

The line as described by Gabrielle Faust is both "elegant yet dangerous", I'll agree with that! These (mostly) matte and satin shades are very classy yet the smokey color palette gives it a little edge.

So in the end, do I think these are a must have? No, I don't. They are very nice wearable matte shades that would be great on all ages. I admit that a lot of mineral makeup companies just haven't mastered matte textures (and neither have a lot of low to mid to high end brands for that matter). So for a first launch of a product to have such a great texture is a bit surprising and refreshing. But my personal wishlist for this brand is a) better packaging and if these were pressed I'd snatch any other colors up in a minute. I'm also curious if the line is going to come out with any more products? Blushes? Lip colors? I'd think a black kohl liner would fit in fabulously *hint hint*

So there you have Gabrielle Faust by Overall Beauty. Maybe some eye looks coming soon depending on how horrible my allergies/sinuses are. Though they aren't a must have, I'd try out some of the $3 sample sizes if they catch your interest especially if you like mattes.

Use coupon code: VAMP2112 to take $2.00 off your order!

Disclosure: A sample was sent for review purposes.

Please see my EOTD using a few colors from the collection and some rather useful information here. Like the fact that I totally spaced out on size/price, these sizes are only $3!