Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Giveaway Prize Photo & List

Well, I've selected the bounty for this giveaway. I make it a point of buy extras of some items with the idea that I'll eventually give it away, either as a gift for a friend or here on Jeweled Thumb. Oh wait, you don't want to read my ramblings and just want to get on with it already? Alrighty then.

Oh wow, apparently I am awful at taking pictures from far away, but you get the idea. The winner will receive:
  • ELF Studio Line Brush Set
  • Stila Color Collection & Clutch
  • 7 various Bare Escentuals eyeshadows/blush (smoky diamond, cognac diamond, flawless diamond, rose diamond, harmony, purist, soft focus glamour)
  • 2 24/7 Urban Decay liners (Zero & Honey)
  • Benefit EyeBright
  • Clean Petites Fragrance set
  • Milani Bare To Wear & Dress Maker
  • and finally, Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure
I don't even want to think how much this is worth because I bought it all! No one is sponsoring this giveaway. Some of these items are favorites of mine that I want to share!

This post does not allow comments so please go to the giveaway post if you would like to enter. Thanks and good luck!