Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Borba: Does It Really Work? Day 5

For the past 5 days, I've mixed 1 packet of the BORBA drink mix in 20 oz water (directions say 16oz of water but I don't like things super sweet). The drink is a slightly of-putting green color and takes awhile to dissolve completely, until it does you're left with little green blobs that look like mold is growing in your water (not very appetizing). It's not what we in the makeup world would call finely milled.

DH refuses to be around when I drink the murky green concoction. I don't really blame him.

I have noticed no real significant changes in my skin. I am getting my usual breakouts around my chin. My cheeks may be less rough/dry, but I might be imagining things. And this morning I woke up with what might be the beginnings of a nasty cyst/pimple on my right cheek. Super! Hopefully this isn't any indication of how my skin reacts in the future. I'll keep on chugging away, if only to use this stuff up!