Sunday, December 20, 2009

Review: Clio Art Shadow Duo in #10 ( khaki green)

Next up from my Sasa haul, the Clio eyeshadow duo. This was in the clearance section and significantly marked down to $5.50 USD (normally around $14 USD). Clio is a brand produced in Italy and sold nearly exclusively in Korea. Anyway, it's a baked product and we all know how much I love those.

I have to say, the packaging is divine. I love the artistic designs on the box and top of the eyeshadow. It's very unique (can you see the peeps in the background? Mmm Mmm Mmm).

Khaki Green is an eyeshadow duo with a pale green on top and a slightly darker green on the bottom. Both have quite a bit of shimmer to them. These are not what I would call pigmented shadows and really, I'd be keeping this for the packaging even if the shadows were crap. Isn't that kind of sad? I'm highly influenced by pretty packaging.

The eyeshadow duo comes with a little sponge applicator that fits in the case similarly to Bourjois and there's a little plastic cover for the eyeshadow as well.

As you can probably tell already, the pigmentation sucks. The swatch of the bottom darker green looks like the top green in the pot. And the lighter green amounts to nothing more than a very very pale green shimmer when applied. Here are some finger swatches. Maybe this would give more color payoff with the included sponge applicator, maybe not.

See? You can barely even see it on my finger. Oh well, it's pretty and I'm keeping it! And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the reason my stash is ridiculous.


Lipglossiping said...

oh my god! I've been lemming these Cleo shadows and blushes for ever.. literally over a year! But the Sasa shipping costs are just too much. You have made me very happy (albeit at your expense - sorry!)

Lemming killed!

Jeweled Thumb said...

@Lipglossiping: Well, I'm glad you never pulled the trigger on an order! I really hope this doesn't speak for the rest of the line. I've heard the blushes are good? And this cost me hardly anything. I paid about $9 (after rebate) for the whole order.

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