Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wet N Wild Holiday

There has been a lot of buzz regarding Wet N Wild Holiday palettes. I've been stalking my local CVS but finally found them at the CVS near where I work. I picked these up prior to Thanksgiving when the display was full and went back after the holiday to find them completely gone, including the display itself! Why was I looking for them again after purchasing them? Well... look

Well, before I go into the ... minor issue - here are the two palettes: Naughty & Nice. You know what I love about these holiday palettes? The lipgloss is in a separate tube and there are only powder products next to each other! More companies should follow suit! They retail for $6.99 and come in a fairly sturdy plastic box with a hinge and a cute design on the tops. For reference, Nice is the Gold one and Naughty is Silver. They each come with a $1 off coupon tucked under the powder. This is also where the applicators are, but I generally find those useless and toss 'em.

Ok, well, when I bought mine, there were $1 off coupon in the regular Wet N Wild display, so I only wound up paying $5.99 per each. A pretty sweet deal if I do say so myself.

I didn't wind up opening them until I got back from Georgia and found (here is the Nice palette)...

Do you see it?

Do you see it now?

Yes! The two lower left trios are exactly the same! Well, I was kind of shocked and quickly ran back to the store only to find them sold out. Last night as I attempted to refill a prescription, I found some more! So I ran to my car, grabbed a coupon and ran back in to grab the very last Nice palette!

Ahhhhh... much better.

I also picked up a few other things - 2 bottles of Sinful nail polish (at $1.99 a pop why not?) and this strange cream near the pharmacy. I'm not a scientist but it appears to be fancy smelling petroleum jelly (it smells like apples, yum) and it was $1.29.

w/flash: San Francisco & Rich in Heart

Apple Essence from Mexico! Surely, this won't kill me, right? I mean CVS carries it! It smells yummy. I'll probably use it as lip stuff.

So all in all, everything turned out to be A-OK. I think I may return the extra "faulty" palette. We'll see if I ever get around to it or remember to bring it with me when I leave the house.


Y said...

OMG I want those WNW holiday palettes....

Jeweled Thumb said...

@Y: Aren't they cute? I'm actually really impressed with the quality. The shades I've tried so far are silky and pigmented.

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