Monday, December 21, 2009

Review: B&C Lip Cream (Tangerine)

Next up from my Sasa haul, B&C Lip Cream in Tangerine. This company used to be called Sony CP and was all over the makeup board a couple years ago I think. I knew that I had to haul one of these cuties for my Sasa haul. This retailed for $6.20 which is on the high side for a lipbalm but it is so darn cute I couldn't resist.


I think it's nice that there's actual tangerine extract in it. It does make the balm smell delightful. So, today during my impromptu day off (snow + cold = ice on the roads), I stopped by the crazy supermarket. I swear, everyone and their mother was out today replenishing their milk, bread and eggs after the blizzard and the parking lot was a disaster. Nevertheless, I stupidly continued to park and shop since we did need milk. I also bought clementines! And the tangerine lip cream bears a striking resemblance I must say! Look, can you tell which is which?

I'm sure you can and the sizes surely give it away. But, um, how adorable and true-to-life? Of course, with the fruit already in front of me, I couldn't help but, ya know, eat it.

Aha! Lipbalm on the right!

Come here, you sweet morsel of deliciousness!

*burp* Just kidding, a lady never belches... not! (I feel so 90s)

The lip cream is clear with a tiny orangey yellow tint which as you can guess doesn't show up on the lips. It is a potted balm which I'm not a huge fan of but it is so adorable and as you know, I love pretty/cute packaging. It's not what I'd call a "cream" either. It has a fair amount of slip and goes on nice, not too waxy, not too oily. It's not super moisturizing but not drying either (if that makes sense). Great smell if you like citrus and no offending taste. I can't tell if it tastes citrusy or if it's just the remains of my clementine.

Either way, adorable product. Glad I picked this one up.


Y said...

OMG thats so cute! I thought that it was a real fruit. And i love tangerines

Jeweled Thumb said...

@Y: It does look rather convincing huh? And it smells sooo good. Let me enable some more. You should definitely get one! =p

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