Monday, December 7, 2009

L'oreal Infallible (Plumping) Glosses

A Beautiful Sentiment gushed about these glosses a few months ago and since Rite Aid is currently BOGO for all L'oreal lip and eye products, I decided to get some. I accidentally picked up 2 of the non-plumping variety which I heard are awful but I'm not sure I'm going to deal with the hassle of returning them. I think I'm going to go back for the rest of the (plumping) line tomorrow when I pick up my prescription.


I actually just tried the non-plumping variety and they weren't nearly as bad as I was expecting. Fairly sticky but wearable in my opinion. But be warned, they feel really nice and non-sticky going on but turn on you after a few seconds pass.

Comparison between Plumped Rose and regular line Bloom.


Musicalhouses said...

Those are some really nice colors there. The applicator kind of reminds me of the Lancome glosses I think..?

Jeweled Thumb said...

@Musicalhouses: Not sure. The only Lancome glosses I own are Juicy Tubes. Should I change that? =)

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