Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Review: Australis Eyeshadow Trio Mystic Rose

Onward, next up from my Sasa haul, the Australis Eyeshadow Trio. Clocking in at $4.30 I honestly wasn't expecting much. Australis claims: "soft, smooth formulation gives a light, satin finish to eyes". Ok, well, how does this claim actually hold up?

Australis is an Australian brand, though this particular eyeshadow trio is made in Thailand (not sure if that's the case for all of their products). The back says they are "against animal testing" so I would assume that means they don't.

Mystic Rose is a trio of a pale ivory, a dusty mauve and a deep chocolate brown. Since it is closing in on 8pm EST these pictures were taken in pretty awful lighting, so I've done my best to accurately show the colors and swatches.

The palette comes in a fairly sturdy, yet minimalistic plastic container. There is a double sided sponge tip applicator which i won't be using (as always). Total weight of the product is 4 g so you're getting a little over a gram of product per color, which is actually pretty nice (for reference, MAC shadows are 1.5 grams each).

I was seriously amazed when I swatched them (the ivory and brown especially). Silky smooth and pigmented to boot! These aren't chalky and are more like a satin finish (which actually confirms the claim the packaging said).

Here's all three colors together, although they are out of order; the ivory and the rose color should be switched.

l-r: rose, ivory, brown
I'm quite pleased with this purchase. This was one of two trios in stock when I ordered from Sasa. I'm definitely going to be on the lookout for others from this brand. Pretty neutrals, creamy texture and pigmented to boot!

Here is a badly taken picture of the back of the compact. Because the sticker on the back is shiny, it took me 6 or so tries to get a picture that worked and I'm pretty sure this one is fuzzy. Did my best!