Saturday, December 12, 2009


So, I know that here in the US, we have tons of products that you can't get overseas and vice versa. And of course, one of the latest loves of beauty bloggers everywhere has been Sleek palettes. Inexpensive and pretty with loads of colors. I know I have pined over them ever since lipglossiping posted very pretty pictures of her recent acquisitions.

Well, US ladies, I have found a site that sells Sleek palettes for their regular price (not outrageous like you might find on Ebay) AND they ship worldwide! They also accept paypal!

Not only that, but they charge what I feel is a rather reasonable amount to ship large bulky palettes overseas. I paid £5.00 to ship 3 Sleek palettes. Yes, I just hauled again. Don't tell DH.

I got:
Divine Safari
Divine Chaos
Divine Original

And I paid right around $34 for all 3 including shipping! Yay! I will post pretty pics when I get them!


Musicalhouses said...

This is so awesome! It's so funny you should write about this now, because I'm uploading swatches of some of the Sleek palettes and other UK stuff on my blog starting today :)

Jeweled Thumb said...

@Musicalhouses: Yay swatches. Looking forward to them! =)

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