Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bloom Voucher Promo

I was really confused with how Bloom was running this promo. I would add the $100 item and then $100 of product into my cart and it was deducting the $50 and I was so confused ($100 worth of beauty products for $50 sounds pretty clear cut). Then the servers crashed and well finally I have figured out what this deal really is.

Well, what they are offering is like a groupon except on their own site. So you add the $100 item (in essence a gift certificate) and you use the code SHARE50 and you then wind up paying $50 for a $100 credit on your Bloom account.

You don't need to add any product to your cart, just the $100 "item". These $100 of Bloom Dollars don't expire till 2012 so there's no rush to use them (which is great although the deal still wound up crashing the site likely because people did what I did and added product to their cart in addition to the voucher).

So my instructions.
1. Join Bloom Circle (   if you haven't already (this is my referral link)
2. Go to their facebook page, like it and register for the deal.
3. Either click through the link they provide or simply search for a $100 item in the search box (the voucher will be the only item that pops up)
4. Add it to your cart.
5. Enter code SHARE50
6. Checkout. You're done and $100 Bloom Dollars, bucks, etc. will be added to your account.

If you have never joined Bloom Circle ( before, I would advise you to make an order $40 or more to get the $20 credit which is only for new orders/customers. Aka after you do the $100 voucher deal the $20 back on $40 likely won't work.

Honestly, given the perks of the site, I'm willing to let go the fact that the servers crashed. My order went through fairly smoothly just moments ago. Any questions, just ask but I'm off to see Wicked so responses might not be prompt!