Monday, July 11, 2011

JT Wants

It's been awhile since I've done one of these types of posts. To be honest, I haven't had too many things that I was just dying to have and usually if I wait long enough, I no longer want them. However, there are a few things I'm eying.

I have been lusting after the Stila Natureyes Palette ever since the announcement made its way into my e-mail inbox. At $39 it's a good deal either way but I wouldn't mind a little promo before picking it up. It's lovely and neutral and seems to be Stila's response to the Naked palette.
Lip Products from the Semi Precious Collection. I love love love Cremesheen glosses (hate the price) but love the formula and the two middle lipsticks are right up my alley (Gem of Roses and One of a Kind). Deep sheer berries are my favorite lip color as my lips are already a berry shade naturally. I can't really pick up 6 new lip products; I don't need them but I might wind up getting one of the lipsticks at least with some B2M empties.
Non-makeup related but... leather wrap bracelets! Whether it's Chan Luu or via etsy sellers, I am lemming something hard over a leather wrap bracelet. Me being the person I am, I am unwilling to pay the crazy Chan Luu prices, especially because if I actually sat down and took the time to, I could likely make a similar one myself (which is also why I'm unwilling to buy the $30+ ones on etsy since I know they cost about $10 of materials to make). As late as last week, Forever21 had one for $7.80 but it's now gone from the site. If you can find it in your local stores, it might be a lower priced alternative.
Is there anything you're dying to have?


GothamPolish said...

Mmm I love those Chan Luu bracelets... I agree though, too much. I made mine myself! It wasn't super easy but I got to pick out all the colors :) I can give you some tips if you want to try it!

Jeweled Thumb said...

@GothamPolish: I'd love to see pics of yours! How long did it take you to make? That's the other thing. I am highly impatient. =)

GothamPolish said...

I should post a pic... it took a while, maybe a few hours but I should have taken breaks. I made one that wraps 3 times around and another that wraps 5 times around. I'll take a picture and let you know and I'll put it on my Flickr!

Admin said...

The leather wrap bracelets really looks amazing

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