Saturday, July 9, 2011

JT Asks: Link Loves

I've been wanting to ask you all this question for awhile. How do you feel about link loves? Is there a better way to have them rather than lists of links? Do you dislike more than one a week? Or how many is acceptable to you? I'd love to hear your throughts and I've attached a quick poll below. Feel free to write more in a comment.


Leticia said...

I did them a couple of times on my blog months back, but didn't keep up with them. I don't like the auto-generated ones, because they end up repeated over several blogs. I have been thinking about this lately, because I kind of want to revive it. I do learn about new blogs this way. I was thinking it would be neat to have a thumbnail to go with each one, but that may create more work than I want due to having to contact blog owners for permission to use their images. I'd love to know what others think about this.

cait said...

My thing is...yes, they have helped me find some great blogs! BUT, the amount of blogs doing them coupled with the frequency is too much. On Saturdays and Sundays, I rarely check out my blog list because I'm bombarded with nearly 20 blog link loves that are the same. Chances are I follow most of yes, they are helpful, but I think they don't necessarily need to be every single week or perhaps they could alternate who runs the list each week. Now, there are more coming out too--different lists--and it's great that I see one in particular that asks reader questions to engage us, but in the same breath, I can't answer it 10 times, know what I mean? I guess I like the idea, but the execution could use some work.

Jeweled Thumb said...

@Leticia: I agree. I kind of feel as though the ones where the blog owner posts their own favorites is better than the ones that are automatically posted x 10 or more bloggers! Maybe if a group of bloggers picked out their favorite posts from a group of their peers, not the same posts on all the blogs, that would be better?

@cait: I agree with you. I think it's too much. That's why I only contribute to one group which posts every 2 weeks. But it has negative points too: It's long! Thank you for your thoughts. I definitely think there's the "this is my blog, I'll post what I like" thoughts regarding link loves but if your readers are skipping over posts like that, do you really want to post them in the first place?

Donna said...

I think you hit the nail on the head with this, "It's long!" That's one of the biggest reasons I don't like the auto-generated ones. Maybe what they should do is feature only 3-5 members per week in some sort of rotation instead of all of them every week? I also agree that seeing the same post on multiple blogs gets old fast.

We're visiting your blog because we are interested in what you have to say, and we will probably also be interested in the blogs/posts that you like from other writers. So I say go for it, but maybe have a short list every week of 3-5 blogs/posts to highlight so that it's not overwhelming like the auto-generated ones. Or even better, don't bother scheduling a link love post at all, just when you find a post that you like then post a link to it soon after..whenever that happens. You might do it every day for awhile when a bunch of bloggers are on a roll, and then only once a month sometimes when it's just yawn worthy stuff. Ya know?

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