Saturday, July 9, 2011

Danger Driving Weather Haul

I had a few hours to kill after work yesterday. The DC Metro area received torrential downpours conveniently timed during rush hour so I could either sit in my car on the beltway and not move, or I could sit in a nice coffee shop or browse a store while I waited for the craziness to die down. I chose the latter.

I went to a few places, but only bought items of importance at ULTA and Marshalls.
I got my hands on the LE No More Waity, Katey Butter London set. No More Waity, Katey is gorgeous and even though it's more of a fall color, I finally took off my July manicure (which would have lasted more than the week I had it on) and this is definitely going to be next!

I also picked up 3 of the ULTA brand Automatic Eyeliner Pencils. These are fabulous; soft and long lasting and only $1 each in July which is a fab price! I got 3: OliveBronze & Deep Brown.

I also found a great deal in Marshalls. I have been wanting to try the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream for awhile. It has many many fans in the blogging world and on YouTube, but I hadn't gotten around to picking it up.
I found the Eight Hour Cream 100th Anniversary Celebration Set which includes:* 1x Skin Protectant 50g/1.7oz (this alone retails for $17)
* 2x Cream Lip Protectant 12.6g/0.44oz

for $19.99 - not too shabby!

Hope everyone is having a fab weekend. I have a midterm thingy to do but given that I am the queen of procrastination, I am blogging first!


Shannon (Lipstick Musings) said...

Great haul! I saw the Butter London set at Ulta yesterday and almost purchased. They only had 2 left, so maybe I should go back and hope to pick it up today!

Thanks for the tip on the Ulta pencils. I've never tried them.

Please make sure to review the 8-hour Cream, as I've been wondering about it as well!

Thanks for the post.


Jeweled Thumb said...

@Shannon: I got the last one at mine! I was so excited. The guy helping me thought I was nuts (well probably anyway).

The ULTA pencils are really nice, especially for the $1 they are now. =)

I'll definitely do a review on the 8-hour cream when I've used it for a bit. I hope I love it!

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