Saturday, May 5, 2012


I found some interesting news out about GLOSSYBOX. I like to tell it like it is on here and don't want to give misinformed information or purposefully leave something out. One of my favorite bloggers, Elvira of Pink Sith contacted GLOSSYBOX after receiving inquiries regarding the multitude of full size products in the box bloggers received. I'm going to update the post as well but want to make sure readers see this update.

GLOSSYBOX has no plans to send multiple full sized products in the future boxes. Granted, they have indicated that they are not planning on sending out foiled samples, but according to the e-mail that Elvira was sent, they are planning to send 5 different products a month, 1 of which will be full sized. This definitely makes the $21 quite a bit steeper and I'm not sure it will be worthwhile to join.

I didn't want to mislead anyone with posting about all of the full size samples; even I was a little surprised and doubted that they were going to keep this up, but now that it is been confirmed that they aren't, I want to make sure everyone is aware before they spend any money on this service.