Monday, November 30, 2009 Haul

I don't know why I felt the need to haul from - my guess was I was reading over at the Pink Sith and saw a post about them and was thinking that I never had never ordered from them before so now was as good a time as any. Sometimes that's all the reason you need!

Anyhow, before I continue with my review. I would like to point a few things out. First of all, is on Ebates (3%). Second, if you are in the US, even if you order from the "US" version of the site, at least my credit card hit me with a little under $2 foreign transaction fee.

Alright, they are currently running a few extra promotions for the holidays. And I saw some Benefit products in their Christmas Specials area that piqued my interest.

First the Benefit 10 Palette Bronzer & Highlighter Palette

For those of you unaware, I despise when companies put lip products in with eyeshadows. Despise! So, why did I pick up this palette? It was so adorable, I was able to overlook the prospect of gritty lipgloss? It was 41% off and only $16.50? It was adorable (did I mention that already?). Probably a combination of the above, plus no sales tax or shipping, and an extra 5% off. Either way, I snatched this pretty thing up and boy do I love it, though I still hate lip and powder products in the same palette. I couldn't resist the buckle!


The Benefit Pop Powder Pop! Palette (which is unfortunately no longer on the site)

This I was able to get for a steal. $15! $15 for Hoola, Dandelion and Dallas face powders all housed in a cute little cardboard box with a tiny little (and in my opinion unfit for application) brush. So adorable. So something I'll probably forget to use, but (!) so adorable! Benefit really knows how to reel me in with their packaging.

So there you have it. Benefit has reeled me in again. I also hauled a 3rd item but it is not Benefit so it does not deserve a spot along the adorable (!) Benefit products in this entry.

Disclosure: This entry includes an Ebates referral link. 


Shifa said...

wow I love the pop palette from benefit! sucha bargain :)

Jeweled Thumb said...

@Shifa: It's pretty cute. I just wish the blushes were a bit larger, it may lose the cute factor if they did that. It sure would be easier to pick up the color though!!

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