Thursday, February 10, 2011

JT Asks: Press Releases?

Readers, I want to know your thoughts regarding press releases and posting them on Jeweled Thumb. I know as a blog reader myself, it can get a little boring seeing the same press release on several blogs you read and of course they all seem to be posted the same day. As much as I love looking at photos of new pretty makeup or nail polish, seeing the same picture multiple times is annoying and I'm likely to skip over those posts. Also, I have a bit of a moral issue with posting about products I've never used myself on here, even if it looks new or exciting. So I want to hear your thoughts? Are you pro release or not?


LiAnn - Sparklecrack Central said...

If that's all that's on a blog, you're right, it gets a little stale. A press release (or three or four in one post) combined with your thoughts on the products, would be something different. When a site posts a press release and adds "crowdsourced" info like "this looks like a dupe for Chanelesque", it also sounds not quite so thrilling. When a site posts a press release and says "I really love nontraditional purples so I really want to see if Below Deck is just muddy/dusty, or if it's truly a good muted purple that's Not Your Little Sister's Grape Nail Polish", that's an individual opinion, that's the blogger's own thoughts and hopes and it's unique.

I would post only releases of the products that I already had, or was really really looking forward to, rather than every single press release that comes out for a given manufacturer / type of product / store...but that's just one person's thoughts on the matter.

Heather / Eyeconic said...

Well, I think most people follow at least one of the mega-blogs like Temptalia, those are where I see press releases. If they're posted anywhere else I tend to just skip over them.

Donna said...

I agree with what Heather said, I'll read the press release once at one of the mega blogs and ignore it at the others and go on to read what else they have...unless all they have is press releases I've already read, then they are just off my reading list.

The other part I was going to say was said by LiAnn, you should post releases of products you are interested in and instead of just the release, tell us why you are looking forward to seeing/reviewing the product. We're here for your opinion, so let us have it!

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