Sunday, February 6, 2011

Review: Revlon Custom Eyes in 02 Naturally Glamorous (Go Buy This!)

Before I even start this review, get thee down to CVS stat and pick one of these up. In most circumstances, you would want to read the review first, but let me break this down for you quickly, buttery soft, pigmented, buttery soft and cheap this week! If you need more convincing you can read the rest of the post, but let me go over the deal this week if you have a CVS near you.

Certain Revlon products this week are on sale for $6.99, get $4 Extrabucks back. This usually retails for close to $10 so it's already discounted a decent amount before the Extrabucks.

Then the magic red coupon machine of awesome is spitting out a $3 off $10 cosmetic purchase, be sure to go to this machine before you make your purchase, and grab something cheap (like a clearance item to bring your total to $10).

And if you get the Sunday paper, there have recently been $1 off Revlon products. Make sure to bring one with you.

Basically, you are going to get this item for close to nothing and it is awesome.

Cut to "official" review
The new Revlon CustomEyes comes in several different color combinations (some brights as well) and they usually retail for $9-$10. These are brand new Revlon products so they probably aren't going to be in the regular Revlon display, but will have a separate cardboard stand. Mine also had the new mascara that I forget the name of. Anyway, I picked up the neutral bronzey quint, Naturally Glamorous #02. It consists of (as you guessed) bronzey and neutral shades. it's considered to be a shadow-liner type of palette, so the matte shade on the end is meant to be a liner but I'd bet it would make a great crease color as well.
The palette includes a diagram on the back to recreate the look for this palette. Honestly, I'm not one to use 5 different shades for one eye look so I'd probably do something a bit different but it's up to you. The palette contains a good 5.67 grams of product and thank goodness, Revlon obviously listened or read when we say time and time again that packaging matters! Now, the plastic itself is pretty plain but the design on the shadows is gorgeous and reminds of the Global Goddess line, specifically the quads which retail for a staggering $42.

But you don't care about the packaging! You care about the product. Ok, maybe you care about the packaging a little bit.
One swipe! One swipe! Super soft buttery shadows at a drugstore price with pretty indentation! The only one that didn't perform as well was the matte liner shade, but seriously, it's still dark and is pretty soft. The other shades are just velvety smooth and absolutely lovely.
It comes with a double side sponge tip applicator as well which half of you probably won't even touch. Obviously I haven't worn these so I can't comment on wear time but I was so shocked with how soft and lovely they were that I wanted to get this post up asap so everyone can go grab these with the sale!

The verdict? Go buy this!


Jennifer said...

thanks for the swatches! they look promising :)

ndoodles said...

Looks like a bar of different chocolates ;) It's always nice to have really pigmented and soft drugstore shadow! thanks for the rec.

Phyrra said...

Interesting! It's nice to see them be pigmented.

ShaGlam said...

I love the quilted pattern on them. I have been eye-ing them for a while now.

Donna said...

Shoot, I missed this deal. I hope sometime soon one of the drugstores has a real BOGOFREE sale on Revlon (the BOGO50s don't seem like such a great deal to me).

I'm wondering about the matte liner, since it is meant to be a liner, maybe they are expecting you to use it wet and it would work much better that way?

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