Friday, February 4, 2011

Missha Rewards

Did you shop at Missha this past year? If so, you may have some rewards tied to your account. I love how a lot of brands and companies are jumping on the rewards bandwagon! And from the looks of this e-mail, they seem to be continuing the program through 2011.

The rewards:
If you spent $100...
$10 off a purchase of $40 or more
If you spent $200...
M Shiny BB Cream ($19.99 value)
If you spent $300...
M Perfect Cover BB Cream ($29.99 value)
If you spent $600...
Misha Gold Overnight Cream ($55.99 value)
If you spent $1000... (I'd be shocked if anyone spent this much on 1 site!)
Misha Gold Overnight Cream & $50 gift card

Personally, the reward amounts seem a little high. But something is better than nothing. I would have liked to see a reward for those that spent under $100, maybe free shipping or something similar so there is an incentive for them to order more. Did you find anything in your Missha account? I believe if you redeem any of these items, you would still need to pay for shipping unless you were to spend $40 extra.