Saturday, February 26, 2011

Motives Eyeshadows (my collection)

Several months ago, I reviewed some Motives Eyeshadows for Beauty Debutante. Since then, I have continued to use these shadows and I wanted to share them over here as a summary (and my guess is some of you didn't read my prior reviews). I received them as testers so instead of keeping them in their regular smaller palette packaging, I stuck them in a Yaby palette (which I love in case you were wondering - I think I have 6 of them).
I was sent 3 different summer palettes, each including 5 eyeshadows, so I kept them in a similar format for this storage.
I used a couple of the golds for my Inara look and really like the matte gray farthest left in the 2nd row (Cosmic) in the crease. These retail for $12 a piece which for me is a bit high for a lesser known brand, but I am quite glad I have them.

And some swatches for you.
Colors swatched: Bronze Beauty, Green Tea, Sunkissed, Hazelnut, Goddess, Enchanting, Twilight, Galaxy, Drama, Blizzard, Starstruck, Sex & The City, Plum Frost, Twinkle, Cosmic

Some are better than others. I am not a fan of the ones with chunky glitter though Galaxy and Cosmic manage to look more metallic than glittery. I hope this post will serve as a decent reference as the 'swatches' on the Motives website are lacking. If they come out with summer sets this year as they did last year, they may be worth taking a look at. I believe these shadows will fit in MAC palettes but I haven't tested it myself.

Disclosure: These shadows were received for review for Beauty Debutante. All opinions are my own.


Y said...

Ooo! Looks really good!

CopyCat said...

wow they aer tell pigmented... going to look into these eyeshadows

Jeweled Thumb said...

@Y: They are pretty nice!

@copycat: Yup, I should have mentioned these were swatched dry without a base.

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