Thursday, February 17, 2011

*NEW* ULTA Nail Polish

I was flipping through my ULTA flier and stumbled upon a section for new ULTA collection nail polish. ULTA recently revamped their nail polish line and came out with a wider selection of colors including some on-trend shades and sleeker black caps and now they've added even more colors to their collection.

One of the ones I spotted was this, a striking resemblance to Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday and it's drugstore dupes: Wet N Wild Party of Five Glitters, Milani Gems, etc.

The ULTA version is aptly named Pinata-yata
And they've also come out with some others: a minty green (Mint Condition), a few grieges (Concrete Evidence, Set The Nude, Fine Pruned) and quite a few other new shades. It's been awhile since I've scanned the ULTA polish display so I apologize in advance for naming newer but not the newest shades by error.

ULTA polishes retail for $5 a bottle but can often be found on sale. Will you be checking out Pinata-yata?


Kimberly said...

I got that one along with a new of the other new ones. I was complaining because they had put these new shades in with the rest of the polishes and I didn't know which ones were which. I got an employee to point them out to me.

Steffi said...

I work for Ulta and bought Pinyata-yata the second I saw it. Other new colors include Not from Concentrate(a light orange shimmery color), a mint green, and a light blue...and I think a light purple as well.

Lillian Funny Face said...

Agh I neeeed Pinyata-yata! I;ll have to get someone in the US to buy it for me :P

Petra said...

I love glitter nail polish but I hate taking it off! I always buy them then end up never using them. That said, I'll probably do the same for pinyata-yata if I ever wander into an Ulta (which is unlikely since we don't have one in town).

Still, I covet such things I never use. :P

The Polish Parade said...

I'll have to go check this out! Thanks for the heads up :)

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