Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Before I go into any detail, be sure to check out my Michael Todd Giveaway over here. I'm giving away a full size mascara from the line!

Modnique.com is rolling out their beauty flash sales and as I mentioned in the giveaway post, I'll be working with them to bring you inside information regarding the sales. I'm not going to list all the products included in their sale beginning at 10am EST, however, I thought I'd give you an idea of the products included. All product will be up to 73% and first time joining members receive a $5 credit upon opening an account. From what I've researched on the site myself, the only thing negative about Modnique.com would have to be shipping costs. You pay a more substantial "flat" rate (higher for international) and then an additional dollar amount for each extra item.

Since you only have a few hours till you can get your shop on, let me cut to the chase and give you a taste of what's to come in their first Beauty flash sale!

Great Length Mascara
Fiber Lash Volume XX Mascara
6 Pan Palette prefilled with eye shadows (various combinations)
Long Wear Crème Shadow (10 color options)

Gel Eye Liner (7 color options)
Naked Kiss Lipstick (10 color options)
Compact Powder Bronzer (4 color options)
Powder Blush (6 color options)

Shimmer Blush (5 color options)
Eye Shadow Base (2 color options)*
Crème Glace Lip Gloss (9 color options)

... and others, more lipgloss, eyeshadows, empty palettes, etc.

* Popular Item

Will you be checking it out? If you do participate in the sale, I'd love to hear your experience with Modnique!

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