Saturday, August 20, 2011

Link Loves: My Favorite UK Beauties (#3)

Today I thought I'd share a few of my favorite UK Beauty Bloggers (because I can and also because a couple weeks ago when I was writing my paper I made a few of these Link Love posts in advance).

Cami Loves Kiwi - Very eloquent and slightly verbose but always fun to read and watch (psst she makes the most entertaining vlogs).
Jellyminx Thinks - Kelly swatches everything including her entire MAC collection which means she is a lemming creator!
Lipglossiping - Charlotte takes amazing photographs so her swatches are nearly always spot-on.
Daily Polish - The name says it all. Swatches everyday, 540 and counting.

Do you have any favourite* (<-- look at me being all British spelling?!) UK bloggers?

*Actually, I'm going to share a little story. As some of you know, I studied Architecture in college (if not, now you know). Because the majority of my professors had either lived or studied in Europe, they used the British spelling of things (they also justified all their text) so of course me being the starry eyed architecture student followed suit (when your professors talk about having flats abroad, drinking espresso along the streets of Paris and Rome you kind of want to emulate them). It was only after I had switched my major after 4 long years of not sleeping did I change back to the normal American spelling of things. Any current or prior architecture students will understand! /end personal story time