Wednesday, August 3, 2011

July Empties

Becca Luminous Skin Colour in Porcelain - This lasted forever. It's quite a larger size for a foundation-like product as it's 1.7oz. It is very very sheer coverage, but how I wore it was layered with the Bare Escentuals/ Minerals foundation in Fair to have a nice slightly dewy base in preparation for the powder. It does give a hint of coverage so I didn't have to use nearly as many layers of the BE which cut down a bit of the flaking I get. It's pricey at $42 but a little goes a long way. A plus, it has an SPF of 25. I'm not sure if I would repurchase. I get a comparable result from BB Creams and the Missha ones always go on sale so I get them for a fraction of the price. However, I do have a "back up" if you will, just in another color which I'm slowly working my way through now.
Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals Foundation in Fair - If you believe it, this isn't even a full size of this product and I used it nearly everyday for 2 months and then every so often for years before I actually "hit pan". I've mentioned BE a lot on this blog and for good reason. Although it is a powder, if you use the right amount (very little), it looks very natural on the skin and in my opinion is the best powder makeup for those with drier skin types. This is a sample 2g/.06oz size so even at a slightly high $25, it is well worth the money, especially if you layer this with a tinted base as I do. I've started using a new full sized jar and I like the new little sifter that can close except the holes got considerably larger. Dear Leslie, make them smaller again! It is so hard to figure how many "taps" one needs when a big pile of powder comes out.
Jane Iredale Lip Drink Lip balm - I think this may be my new favorite. I love this and already popped open my back up. I usually apply this at night as it's metal and is a softer balm. I can really tell the difference the next morning as my lips are soft and smooth. Love!
Epielle Facial Cleansing Tissues - I don't like these as much as the Cucumber ones. This variety burns my eyes. Thankfully I only had this one pack and can go back to my beloved Cucumber wipes. Can't beat them for $1 at most Big Lots!
CVS Brand Luminous Cleansing Pads - These are the generics of the Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Cleansing Pads and I bought it considerably reduced on clearance. I really like these but the packaging is so bulky! The bulky packaging is also one of the reasons why I love them - let me explain. Because this is a screw top plastic tub (unlike the Epielle delivery system), the pads stay moist. They are also able to add more of the solution as it likely won't leak. I guess one can't have the best of both worlds. I also found with these cleansing pads that my skin likes daily exfoliation to a degree. Because I tend to get dry bits throughout the day, if I don't exfoliate, the foundation sticks around even past a regular cleansing so this really cut down on the breakouts I was getting. So I probably would repurchase though not right away as I have a mountain of half finished cleansers cluttering my bathroom.
Sircuit Skin Cosmeceuticals Fixzit - Do I even need to go into detail regarding this product?! I absolutely love it. Everyone should try it. If I could buy everyone that has breakouts it, I would. It is awesome. Check out my review with before and after pictures and you'll see why!

So not a ton of products this month but the two foundations got me a bit giddy (and wordy). What have you finished recently?